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The Experience of the Year for Business Owners, Business Leaders, Teams, and Busy Professionals

What were your business and life plans coming into 2020? I can almost guarantee that whatever
they were, they’ve been thwarted by the unprecedented challenges of the first several months of
this year. While the year may not have gone as planned, this is a defining opportunity for you to
respond with resilience, resolve, and results. Moving forward, it is even more crucial that you
execute with a higher level of focus and precision than ever before.

In this signature event, Operating Excellence founder Pete Kohlasch will help you to more
powerfully and proficiently manage the priorities in your personal and professional life, so that
you’re accelerating your progress in the directions that are most meaningful to you, and building
the balance, strong relationships, and personal well-being necessary for you to sustain your progress over the long-term.


"I would not be where I am and have this much confidence if it wasn’t for Pete Kohlasch. He is so good at what he does that often times you don’t need him. The beauty of Pete’s approach is he gives you a system. A system that is sustainable, repeatable, and that allows you through good times, through bad times, to plow through. The magic of his work is the system you take with you."

Edward Nemec

Managing Partner


OE-X stands for “Operating Excellence Experience,” and is an experience that will change your philosophy and approach to life forever.


OE-X is for the individual (and team) that wants to be competent and successful in all arenas of life, but the pace, constant busyness and seemingly endless responsibilities keep them stretched thin, imbalanced and lacking clarity on a way forward.


A common sentiment that we hear after our work with our clients is, "After learning how to operate and manage my life like this, how can I ever go back?"

In this two-day intensive event, OE Founder Pete Kohlasch walks each attendee step-by-step, through building their own fully-custom Personal Operating System.


Unique from anything like it, your Personal Operating System will help to you to better manage the balance in your personal and professional life, resulting in accelerated progress in a meaningful direction and a more sustainable feeling of balance and well-being.


If you are an ambitious professional in 2020, and you’re constantly looking at how you can grow in all arenas of life but you don’t want it to come at the expense of your sanity or your sense of balance, learn more about how this revolutionary approach to life can help...


The key to building (and sustaining) Operating Excellence is architecting a Personal Operating System. Everything we know and hear about systems is around efficiency, optimization and maximization. Yet most people go their entire lives without any semblance of a personal system for themselves. OE-X will help you to build and design your own Personal Operating System, step-by-step.


Your Personal Operating System is meticulously designed to help you:







When an individual has the opportunity to custom-build a system that helps them to accelerate their progress, in all arenas of their lives, and helps them to stay more consistent with their progress over time, it is a gamechanger; for them, and for all whom they engage and interact.

If your intention is performance, productivity and progress, it’s the system that makes it run.

If your intention is balance, health and joy, it’s the system that keeps that at the forefront.

For those that want to be excellent in all that they do, OE-X is the event that helps you to build and design your own system that brings it to life.


OPERATING EXCELLENCE is a NEW practice and approach to self-mastery and
leadership. It is the product of FIFTEEN years of intense study in the fields of Human
Performance, Positive Psychology, Personal Development, Life Strategy and Emotional
Intelligence, synthesized, simplified, and systematized for you to plug into right now. We
are at the ground floor or something that is unique from anything like it. Don’t be the one
that missed it. Position you and your team for explosive growth today.



Pete will focus on helping you to master 3 pillars as part of your Personal Operating System:

Pillar 1 : AWARENESS (“Where am I?”)

Do you take time and with any level of deliberateness to reflect? Or does the to-do list staring at you each morning disallow a heightened level of awareness?

Our focus on Awareness will help you to consistently and objectively assess your progress and performance, in your life and in your business. Most people carry on destructive (or suboptimal) thought, emotion and action—for weeks, months and even years—that which from deliberate assessment takes minutes to repair. That’s why taking the time to assess and take inventory is so key. It helps to get your feet underneath you, maintain a level of objectivity in a very subjective world, and identify your greatest opportunities for growth and improvement. Awareness is often overlooked but if you are not supremely aware of where you are, it’s going to make it very challenging to dial in to where you want to go.

Pillar 2 : CLARITY (“Where do I want to go?”)

What do you want? What are you striving toward? What is your ideal scene? What would be absolutely ideal for you, in all arenas of your life?

Most people really struggle to answer these questions with any level of certainty and detail. 

Clarity is power, but only if you use it. Clarity adds a level of enthusiasm and anticipation to your day-to-day that is a HUGE contributor to the energy and commitment you bring to your priorities, personally and professionally.

The times in your life when you felt best, you likely had the most amount of clarity of what you wanted and what you were after. And the times in your life when you felt worst, you likely had the least amount of clarity of what you wanted and what you were after. Clarity is power, but most people have a very limited sense of it, or if they do have it, it’s only in certain areas and they lack it in others.

Pillar 3 : STRATEGIC ACTIVITY (“How do I get there?”)

When your Awareness is dialed in and you can objectively determine where you are; and your Clarity is dialed in and you can speak clearly and excitedly about where you want to go; Strategic Activity is what will help you to get there. Strategic Activity helps to…

  • Eliminate the uncertainty that separates you from where you are and where you want to be
  • Better manage your time, responsibilities and priorities
  • Better structure your schedule
  • Operate from a clearer sense of priority
  • Elevate your level of focus
  • Execute on your highest priorities
  • ACCELERATE your progress in the directions you’ve determined are most meaningful

Strategic Activity focuses on limiting the distractions, the resistance, the uncertainty, and the competing forces that separate you from where you are and where you want to be.


These 3 pillars together are the A, B, Cs of higher-level productivity. If you can really dial in on “Where am I?”, “Where do I want to go?” and “How do I get there?” and you can do it with precision, detail and consistency, you’re going to see your productivity and progress sky-rocket.

Pete offers phenomenal perspective and has helped me to create a personal infrastructure and a set of systems that I can lean on to not only be a successful business person but to have greater balance and make sure the vital areas of my personal life are also well attended to.
I learned more about myself, how to better myself, why I want what I want, and how to lay out a method of achieving things than I ever could have imagined. The last six months have marked the most dramatic growth I have ever experienced.

 Michael Meily

Managing Partner



OE-X is taught by High Performance Coach & Life Strategist Pete Kohlasch, one of the most respected thought leaders and trainers on Personal Excellence.


With a relentless focus on High Performance Training, Life Strategy and Positive Psychology, Pete dedicates his life to challenging and inspiring others to live into the best version of themselves. Pete's focus is on creating the most innovative, impactful and transformative growth experiences for his clients and fans. Creator of Operating Excellence, Personal Accelerator Blueprint, Winning Culture and World-Class Strategist, Pete understands the psychology and strategy behind creating comprehensive and sustainable excellence and is excited to share it with you! 

At the core of Pete's work is a focus on making his training immediately actionable for his audience. It’s one thing to motivate and rah-rah an audience, but when they’re shown concrete practices and systems for higher performance and how they can be implemented, the impact of the training sky-rockets. Just as there are amateur and professional levels of play in any sport or endeavor, there are amateur and professional levels of living as well.Give yourself the invaluable opportunity for a clearer, healthier and more intentional approach to high performance and personal excellence, delivered by a speaker and leader uniquely capable of infusing the perfect balance of energy and insight to leave an impression you won’t soon forget.

Pete’s impact has been invaluable. His program has provided a roadmap and empowered the team with the systems, strategy and mindset to continuously get better. Our leadership team has built stronger relationships because of his work and it has made a huge difference to the culture of our office. The relationships between agents and management has also improved. He leaves a lasting impression every time he is in our office.

 Dominique Duong

Development Manager





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Special Q4 Pricing


2 Full Days of Live Event

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If after Day 1 (the half-way point of our work) you don’t believe your experience far exceeds any expectation you had, we will refund your investment in full.

Pete’s not focused on making sales. He’s focused on working with those committed to personal excellence and helping them to become legendary in their lives and in their leadership.