A Brand New System and Approach to Personal Excellence Tailored To The Needs of Busy Professionals

"I've never seen anything like it. It's my own system that helps me to better manage and make more consistent progress on the things that are most important to me. Simply life-changing."


✓ How one simple "tweak" can eliminate overwhelm and have you operating with greater clarity, focus, and precision.

✓ How to explode your progress and performance WITHOUT sacrificing your sense of joy & well-being.

✓ For TEAMS, how to raise the collective standard for your team by helping each person want to raise their own individual standard.

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For the past several years, Pete has guided senior executives, business owners, and high performers to consistently perform at the highest levels & overcome overwhelm that causes most to break.

We would tell you about it but our clients say it best...

"I would not be where I am and have this much confidence if it wasn’t for Pete Kohlasch. Pete gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my dreams, to get in touch with and live my purpose, and to just plain GO FOR IT! He has an uncanny knack of asking the right (great) questions that elicit the right answers. Pete personalizes his work exceptionally well. His is not a cookie-cutter approach. It’s a personal blueprint I can fall back on to make sure my life is in balance. He takes the time to get to know his clients, how they operate, what’s important to them, what their hot buttons are—and he’s able to tailor his approach and conversations around them as an individual. I think what separates Pete most is he cares. The guy lives it, breathes it, eats it. He practices what he preaches and his passion comes across like no other. The greatest value I’ve gained from our work together is clarity. Clarity on all aspects of my life, not just my business. Pete has given me clarity in my professional and personal life and has allowed me to balance both. I feel like since I’ve worked with Pete, I’ve found more time. All of us start our week with 168 hours. Pete has helped me to be deliberate and intentional about accomplishing more during that time without feeling hurried. He is so good at what he does that oftentimes you don’t need him. The beauty of Pete’s approach is he gives you a system. A system that is sustainable, repeatable, and that allows you through good times, through bad times, to plow through. The magic of his work is the system you take with you. Pete changed my life. Personally, and professionally."

Edward Nemec
Managing Partner

"Pete loves what he does and exudes so much passion it is infectious. Working with Pete provided me with a sense of direction in pursuing my personal and professional goals with greater intention, in a productive and easy-to-follow process. This is critical as a highly driven, working mother of a 2 and 4 year old! I began working with him at a time when I needed something to change to move beyond my comfortable, yet stagnant production levels. I was doing well, but felt I could do so much better with the right systems in place. The week before our first session, my mother passed away. We were very close and she was the reason why I was in this business. Because his sessions included a focus on personal as well as business goals, I was able channel my emotions, in all of the most important aspects of my life to keep going. I dedicated the rest of the year in honor of my mother. At the end of the year, I attained levels that I had never reached before, most notably, I was among the top 10 agents in the office. The lessons, insights and systems I put in place from my experience with Pete made an exceptional contribution to this. "

Melanie White Terry
Financial Advisor

"I learned more about myself, how to better myself, why I want what I want, and how to lay out a method of achieving things than I ever could have imagined. The last six months have marked the most dramatic growth I have ever experienced. Pete offers phenomenal perspective and has helped me to create a personal infrastructure and a set of systems that I can lean on to not only be a successful business person but also to have balance and make sure the vital areas of my life are well attended to. If I had to put a dollar value or a return on investment for what I invested to hire Pete as a coach versus the benefit received, I would say it returned somewhere in the range of 30 times my investment over the last two years."

Michael Meily
Managing Partner


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